The Ivy Cafe, Wimbledon Village

I remember my first ever visit to The Ivy in London, at the time, the coolest place to spot celebrities. I was fifteen years old and went for lunch at The Ivy with my mum and sister on a day trip to London. If I’m honest, the teenage year old me wasn’t fussed about the food. I was more concerned with waiting for Kate Moss to turn up (she didn’t).

Fast forward sixteen years (terrifying) and my second visit to part of The Ivy group – the gorgeous Ivy Café in Wimbledon Village, one of four Cafes in around London (also Marylebone, St John’s Wood and Richmond).

The décor oozed elegant, old school glamour – heavy doors with brass knobs, luxurious textures, plush mustard leather armchairs and expertly styled artwork. If you’re looking for a stylish brunch or lunch location (without being too formal) then look no further.

We were seated in a cosy booth by the bar which gave use a great view of the restaurant, perfect for people watching. We ordered from the Weekend Brunch menu kicking off with healthy juices (Green Juice and Beet It) which at £4 each were a steal. We followed up with the Avocado, Tomato and Sesame Toast and the Crushed Avocado Toast, which at £8.25 and £7.25 respectively we expected to be tiny portions – but they were great value for money which I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by!


My favourite thing about The Ivy Café is that it truly offers an all day dining space. So whether you’re planning a girly brunch (don’t miss the Afternoon Tea and Brunch Waffle menus!) or date night, there are plenty of options.

I’ll definitely be back…


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