Fashion crisis. Send help.

I’ll be turning 32 soon. On the whole, I love this. I’ve felt more confident and at ease with myself since turning 30 than I have at any other stage of my life. But there is one problem, I’m having an identity crisis. Or more specifically, a fashion identity crisis.

Now, this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, I’m totally aware of that. But I do find it fascinating that at this (still young) age I feel like I’ve fallen into a fashion black hole and can’t find my way out. I’ve always been into fashion and in my teens and twenties loved to push myself but nowadays my wardrobe feels dull and confused. Or maybe I feel dull and confused and that’s the issue.

In a nutshell I’m too old for Topshop, too young for M&S, too cheap for Whistles and too tired for Zara. That’s just how I feel – for example I know lots of gorgeous ladies my age who don’t have a problem shopping in Topshop….but I think when you get to the till holding the same skirt as a 14 year old that does tend to stay with you.

More than ever at this age I have a desire to tell people ‘who I am’ by the way I dress, which has never really bothered me before. Subconsciously I think the upcoming shift to becoming a mum is having an effect, because who wants to look mumsy? But also, who wants to look try hard? Or like they’re trying to keep up with the kids? What should a mum look like?

Everyday we’re bombarded with a celebrity Richter scale of style from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton. It’s confusing. When I wear black I feel boring, when I wear pattern I feel like I’m trying too hard. I also love a sale rail bargain so my wardrobe has become an annoying mix of boring H&M basics and sale rail impulse buys. Which leaves me basically reaching for the same jeans, t-shirt and flats everyday.

Recently I came across @dresslikeamum on Instagram and well, fell in love. This lady has given me my oomph back, or at least my desire to have some oomph. She looks rocking and answers by above question – being a mum, or a 30-something in a rut, you should wear what the hell you want and enjoy the journey of finding your style!

So I am counting down the days til I meet my bubba and will start the post baby wardrobe clear out and shopping spree – bring it on!


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