Fashion crisis. Send help.

I’ll be turning 32 soon. On the whole, I love this. I’ve felt more confident and at ease with myself since turning 30 than I have at any other stage of my life. But there is one problem, I’m having an identity crisis. Or more specifically, a fashion identity crisis. Now, this isn’t the biggest... Continue Reading →

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Work it mama

This has been my first pregnancy so it’s an understatement to say I have learned a lot on the job. As much as you may (or a lot of the time, may not) feel like the same person you were before, pregnancy can throw  some curveballs your way. Which brings me on to how my relationship with exercise... Continue Reading →

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Osteria Francescana, Modena

If you've read my post on Florence,  you'll know that me and my husband are a little bit obsessed with all things Italian. I say all things, mainly the food and wine. Which is why when it came to picking a honeymoon destination it was no coincidence that we ended up in Florence. Not only was Florence high up... Continue Reading →

Epic Sana Hotel & Resort, Algarve

It’s rare that I'm keen to revisit a holiday destination or hotel, after all there’s so much to see out there why go somewhere you’ve already been? But my mind was swiftly changed after a holiday to the five-star Epic Sana Hotel & Resort in Albufeira, Portugal. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect from our fairly hastily... Continue Reading →

The Ivy Cafe, Wimbledon Village

I remember my first ever visit to The Ivy in London, at the time, the coolest place to spot celebrities. I was fifteen years old and went for lunch at The Ivy with my mum and sister on a day trip to London. If I’m honest, the teenage year old me wasn’t fussed about the food. I was more concerned with waiting for Kate Moss... Continue Reading →

Foodie Florence

My husband and I are Italy obsessed. It all started with a holiday to Sorrento and Rome a few years ago and snowballed from there. We absolutely fell head over heels in love with the food, the wine, the culture. But, ok...mainly the food and wine. When it came to choosing a honeymoon destination Italy was a definite... Continue Reading →

Farnham favourites

Mooeys The lowdown - home from home pampering Not often do you find a salon that makes you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. Mooeys, specialising in waxing and nails (and doing a cracking job) does just that. The staff are so warm they feel like old friends and before... Continue Reading →

Dishoom, Covent Garden

Recently I headed over to Dishoom Covent Garden for a lazy Sunday lunch catch up with friends. I absolutely LOVE Indian food and Dishoom is one of my all time favourites. I’ve been to Dishoom Covent Garden a few times (also check out their Kings Cross branch) and I'm a huge fan of their breakfasts.... Continue Reading →

Nursery decor

One of the upsides of living in a new build house is that it’s a complete blank canvas. One of the downsides of living in a new build house is that it’s a complete blank canvas…! Where do you begin? The world, or at least the B&Q paint aisle, is your oyster. So far we’ve... Continue Reading →

Why are you so quiet?

Recently I read an article in Glamour magazine called ‘Why being called ‘quiet’ is your secret superpower’. This was a refreshing read. Throughout my career in advertising and marketing I’ve been praised for being diligent, conscientious and committed, but there’s been a recurring theme to my developmental feedback. ‘You should speak up more’ - ‘Don’t... Continue Reading →

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